Recommended Read: ONE TOO MANY BLOWS TO THE HEAD By JB Kohl and Eric Beetner


Kansas City, 1939. Boxing, revenge, murder, alcoholism, redemption, homicide investigating, underground dog fighting, fight fixing, prostitution.’


Something for everyone there, eh?


I’ve been a big fan of Eric Beetners writing for over a year now and have been looking forward to this book since it was first announced.


Eric wrote this book with Jennifer Kohl without ever meeting her or even speaking with her on the phone.

It has two alternating first person POVs; Ray Ward’s brother was killed in the ring and he wants to settle the score and Dean Fokoli is a homicide cop who is following Ward’s bloody trail.


It is pure pleasure . The expression ‘a page turner’ is pretty much overused used but One Too Many Blows To The Head is just that. It flows beautifully and is full of great lines that I really wish I’d written.


The alternating POV’s are distinctive but gel together really well. The cop and bad guy as two sides of the same coin has been done before – in the film Heat, for example – but the standard of writing makes this easily one of the better examples.


One Too Many Blows To The Head is knockout, of course.


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