Short Sharp Interview: Anne Frasier


Anne Frasier is an award-winning author of nineteen novels. She was a contributor to the 2009 Once Upon a Crime anthology published by Nodin Press, and is currently editing Bats In The Belfy-a short-story anthology of Halloween tales. She is working on a memoir to be submitted to major publishers in 2010.

Her website is:

PDB) Who would write the soundtrack to your books?

Anne F) I would have to say The Chambermaids, who happen to be my kids. They wrote a song for one of my book trailers and did a great job. But if I were to name someone else… Neil Young, because that would be awesome.

PDB)What’s the worst job you’ve had?

Anne F) Back in the seventies I worked at the Levi Strauss factory in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I spent eight hours a day sewing right and left back pockets to jeans, adding that little red Levi’s logo. I would highly recommend this kind of work if you want to go insane.

PDB) Have you ever written anything based on ideas that come to you in dreams?

Anne F) I think almost everything I’ve written contains at least some small element of a dream. I use dreams to try to solve plot problems. Wake up in the morning, concentrate on problem, fall back to sleep and find the answer.Several years ago I dreamed a book title that I just recently got around to using for a short story.

This interview was previously at PULP METAL MAGAZINE