"An Evening with Wavis and Foffo"

“An Evening with Wavis and Foffo” is an indepth look at the varied career of post-punk comedian and song writer Wavis O’Shave. 

Wavis heralds from South Shields in the North East of England, his less than meteoric rise began in 1979 with an EP called “Denis Smokes Tabs (John Is A Figroll)” on the left field Company Records. O’Shave gained more exposure with a series of vignettes on 1980s pop TV programme The Tube. Described variously as ‘The illegitimate love child of Spike Milligan’, ‘Alice Cooper with concussion’ and ‘Kraftwerk meets the Goons’, his distinctly North Eastern surrealism has, almost inevitably, led to him being proclaimed the Patron Saint of Viz.

In this programme Wavis O’Shave (AKA Foffo Spearjig) talks about himself, his obsessions (shoes and newscasters mainly) and introduces a wealth of seldom heard classics from the last 30 years.

Written and recorded by Wavis O’Shave, edited and produced by Richard SandersonIt’s here: