I’m not 100% on this but  think  the first time I sawBasczax they were supporting either Cowboys International or The Damned at Middlesbrough Rock Garden in 1979. 
They were great – a cracking mixture of  punk, art rock  and glam – and me and the Hartlepool crew made regular visits to the big city -Stockton- to see them play at The Teesider pub every Friday night, and wherever else they played for that matter. I even supported them a couple of times when I played in the band  Halcyon Days.
As Wikipedia says: 
Basczax were a British post-punk band that was formed in Redcar in August 1978.
The band was formed by Mick Todd (bass), who recorded a demo of “Karleearn Photography”, which convinced Jeff Fogarty (saxophone) and Alan Savage (guitar, vocals) to join. The line-up was completed for early performances by Nigel Trenchard (keyboards) and Cog (drums), but these were soon replaced by former Blitzkrieg Bop members John Hodgson (keyboards) and Alan Cornforth (drums).
Starting out as an anti-punk, almost anti-music noise band, they supported the Gang Of Four, amongst others in the early days. Basczax’s first released material appeared on Fast Product’s Earcom 2 mini-LP in 1979, alongside Joy Division.The band also released a 7″ single on the Pipeline label: “Madison Fallout”/”Auto Mekanik Destruktor (1979), which reached #48 on the UK Independent Chart.
Basczax toured with Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD) and appeared on the Check It Out TV show in 1980, performing “Ego Therapy“. ’
I can’t remember how many times I saw Baszczax  but they were always a pleasure and never a chore and I’m sure a strong influence on me in many, many ways. Singer Alan Savage was one of the first people to encourage me to write, lyrics in this case.
And the good news is that thirty years after splitting up Basczax are BACK!
Their website gives you details of what they’re up to as well as links to some of their splendid  songs such as  Neon Vampires, Madison Fallout and  Young Hearts Wear Scarlet.
Basczax also have a Facebook page with lots of links and information.
Here they are performing EGO THERAPY on the telly back in 1980.
And here’s NEON VAMPIRES from the new LP.