Short, Sharp Interview: ANDY RIVERS


According to him, Andy Rivers, is the ‘author of ‘I’m Rivelino’, ‘Maxwell’s Silver Hammer’ and ooh much more!’

Both those books are published by the great BYKER BOOKS

Good words about ‘Maxwell’s …’

‘A thumping debut from a barnstorming new talent. Danny King
‘Great writing, great characters. No punches pulled in this novel!’ Sheila Quigley

We met recently  at London’s swanky Groucho Club and had little chinwag. Like.

PDB: What’s the reaction been to ‘Maxwell’s ‘ so far?


It’s had some great reviews (The Crack, For Books Sake, Northern Echo etc.) but, better than that, a lot of people have contacted me individually to tell me how much they’ve liked it. I’m very pleased with the feedback I’ve got to be honest – be nice if I could sell a few million more like…

PDB: Do you think ‘Maxwells’ is accessible to people outside the North of England?

In a word: yes! Obviously I’m biased but I’ve received loads of feedback from people all round the country saying how much they liked it and I was very careful whilst writing it not to go too far with the Geordie dialect. At heart it’s basically a ‘normal man takes on big bully’ story but I hope I also managed to give people a sense of the North East as well. What do you think?

PDB: How much research went into writing ‘Maxwell’s …’

About 40 years… ;->

Lots of incidents and scenes in the book actually happened – I’ll let you work out which…

PDB: Which Northern writers float your boat?

Ehhmmm…Ray Banks definitely, Wor Sheila Quigley, Me…, Iain Rankin, Christopher Brookmyre, Irvine Welsh, Alan Sillitoe, Me again and a bloke called Kevin Sampson who never gets mentioned anywhere and he’s fuckin’ ace!

PDB: I know you’re into the theatre. Have you ever written a play?

Yup – a short one entitled ‘I No Longer Hear The Music’ about a group of thirty – something ex-ravers who have to face up to growing up. I’ve got another one planned entitled ‘Skill’ about two best mates growing up in the eighties…might be a while yet like!

PDB: You’re a big music fan. Ever been involved in the music scene?

Unfortunately not – I could just see myself surrounded by groupies though ;->

Ooh – my sisters went to school with Chezza Cole though….

PDB: Why should people buy ‘Maxwells…’ when they can watch Deal Or No Deal for nowt?

Because for the measly price of £7.99 (or cheaper depending on where you shop!) you can support a credible, edgy and cool publisher that tries to promote unknown authors rather than propping up the ego of the man who brought us Mr. Blobby and shit beards….

PDB: Is there a sequel to ‘Maxwell’s …’ on the cards?

Not a sequel as such – I’m currently editing my second crime novel ‘Special’ which is about a serial vigilante on the loose on Tyneside. It’s set in the same area and has a couple of minor crossover characters but couldn’t really be classed as a sequel – I do have a proper one in mind

Thanks Andy!

Andy’s website is HERE