Recommended Read:ON TENDERNESS EXPRESS by Maxim Jakubowski


When Maxim Jakubowski wrote THIS excellent piece for Mullholland Books’ website about the lack of good erotic thrillers these days, the only recent examples I could come up with  were books written by HIM!And this book is the one that first came to mind.

I think that I bought Maxim Jakubowki’s  ON TENDERNESS EXPRESS from his legendary Murder One Bookshop in either 2000 or 2001 . Ten years ago!  Yet I still remember it vividly and there’s been a lot of booze under the bridge since then, I can tell you.

 On Tenderness Express is both a clever detective story and an erotic thriller worthy of James M Cain.

 The skinny is that P.I Martin Jackson has to track down a missing wife, a missing kid-sister and a missing book.There’s a great international feel in this atmospheric story which travels from London to Amsterdam, New Orleans and New York.

And there is also a truly fantastic character : Cornelia, a  deadly hit woman, a stripper and book collector!

Harboiled meets Hardcore? Noir meets Henry Miller? I dunno but Maxim Jakubowksi is a much better storyteller than Miller, I’ll tell you that!

This is a whip-crack of a book that would make Shannon Tweed blush.

By the way, I’m well pleased to See that Cornelia makes an appearance in Maxim’s forthcoming novel ‘I WAS WAITING FOR YOU’  

Maxim informs me that ON TENDERNESS EXPRESS is out of print at the moment but it IS available in an omnibus volume, SKIN IN DARKNESS, which also includes his other novels  IT’S YOU THAT I WANT TO KISS and BECAUSE SHE THOUGHT SHE LOVED ME.