ANNE BILLSON is a novelist, film critic and photographer. Her books include SUCKERS (an upwardly mobile vampire novel), STIFF LIPS (a Notting Hill ghost story) and THE EX (a supernatural detective story), as well as several works of non-fiction, including SPOILERS, a selection from her 25 years of film criticism. She reviews films for the TV pages of the Sunday Telegraph and writes a film column for the Guardian.
And she’s just directed her first short film: ALOUETTE
She says:’This is my first short film. It was shot in August 2010 in my flat in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, with one actor (the very wonderful Madeleine Bongard) and a crew of one (me). The videocam packed up immediately, so it was shot on a combination of Canon Ixus, Sony Ericsson K800i and Sony Ericsson W910i. Sound effects were added later, so they’re a little impressionistic. It was fun.’

Take a look at this classy chiller  here.