Strutter : A film by Allison Anders & Kurt Voss


‘Allison: film director/ screenwriter: “Gas Food Lodging” , “Mi Vida Loca” “Four Rooms”, “Grace Of My Heart” and “Things Behind The Sun” .

Kurt: film director/screenwriter: “Delusion,” “Where The Day Takes You,” “Down and Out With The Dolls,” “Ghost on The Highway: A Portrait of Jeffrey Lee Pierce and The Gun Club”

“Strutter” a film by Allison Anders & Kurt Voss

The last feature in a trilogy from award-winning filmmakers Allison Anders and Kurt Voss, “Strutter” tells the story of 22 year old BRETT (Flannery Lunsford) , a singer for a Los Angeles rock band who finds himself heartbroken when he loses his muse JUSTINE (Ericka Clevenger) to his own local idol, the fast-ascending art rocker DAMON (Dante White Aliano). But with the support of his filmmaker gal pal REGGIE (Elyse Hollander) , Brett not only learns to love again, he comes to form an oddly simpatico friendship with former romantic rival Damon. Along the way, Brett also learns to better understand his parents’ odd marriage, and the complications and compromises that come with adulthood.

Since their first co-directed post-punk feature film “Border Radio” (1988) Allison Anders and Kurt Voss have together or separately written and directed 20 films and various other writing and directing gigs including TV and music videos. They have between them directed everyone from Terrance Stamp and Salma Hayek to Ice-T and Madonna. They co-wrote the screenplay to a Peabody Award winning film “Things Behind The Sun” which Anders directed, and have been nominated for Independent Spirit Awards for both film’s in the trilogy “Border Radio” (Best First Feature 1989), and “Sugar Town” (2000) (Best Film, Best Debut Performance). With your help “Strutter” completes the trilogy!

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