Thorn In My Side by Sheila Quigley

Sheila Quigley is without doubt the Grande Dame of BRIT GRIT
With Thorn In My Side, she kicks off an exciting  new series of books with a novel which is just as down to earth and hard edged as her previous bestsellers but is much more high concept, as they say in Hollywood. Indeed, I can really see an adaptation of Thorn In My Side making it to the big screen.
In Thorn In My Side, DI Mike Yorke returns to the north of England, after a brief stint in London, with a possibly clairvoyant street kid called Smiler in tow. As soon as he arrives home, Yorke is caught up in a weird murder case that involves flogged corpses, missing kids, a strange cult and dark, dark secrets.  
Thorn In Your Side has a smashing cast of characters and is as fast paced a page turner as you can imagine. This, I think, is a series that will run and run. It has all the Quigley trademarks such as warmth and humour but, in this case, the action is  pumped up to the max!
In the immortal words of Spinal Tap, this one goes up to eleven!

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