Recommended Read:Beautiful, Naked & Dead by Josh Stallings

 Moses McGuire has been through the mill. He’s an ageing, strip-club bouncer with a death wish and a code of honour that gets him into life threatening  trouble. He’s self-destructive. He’s a biker. He’s ex –army. And he’s hard as bloody nails!
In Beautiful, Naked & Dead, Josh Stallings’ exceptionally well -written, high –octane , debut novel,Moses’ only friend  is murdered by mobsters and, drenched with guilt and soaked in thoughts of revenge, Moses sets off  on a violent, boozy road trip to track  down the killers.
From Los Angeles to Las Vegas, from the mean streets to the mountains, from bars to bordellos,  this is a vivid, exciting, funny and touching  piece of hardboiled noir.

Moses McGuire, like a cross between Sisyphus and The Man With No Name, is a compelling hero for our nihilistic times.
Highly recommended.
And Josh Stallings’ funky website is here.