Recommended Read: Watch Me Die by Lee Goldberg


Watch Me Die by Lee Goldberg is the story of Harvey Mapes, a boring man with a boring life. Mapes loves private eye novels and tv shows and, of course, dreams of being a real life PI. Don’t we all? 


When a neighbor hires him to watch his wife, who is behaving strangely,  Harvey watches episodes of Mannix to prepare for his investigation, which sets the tone for this quirky, blackly-comic, crime novel.


There are loads of references to PI novels that I’ve never read – for shame -but it didn’t stop me enjoying it very, very  much.


Watch Me Die  is a classic PI novel full of great lines and twists and turns, with a touch of the Rockford Files and a dab of The Big Lebowski about it. And a sprinkling of something darker, too. 


It’s also a bitter sweet tragicomedy and bloody well written, with it. 

Watch Me Die was originally published as The Man With The Iron On Badge.
It is, apparently, Lee Goldberg’s favorite of his novels and I can see why.