Guest Blog: Bloggers Anonymous and The Origins of Old Seth by Darren Sant

Darren Sant
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I stood before the Doc. Nervously I shuffled from foot to foot. He eyes me with worryingly hungry eyes. It was only after I had stripped and he had inserted the rectal thermometer that I realised he hadn’t yet asked me what the problem was. So I explained all about my blogging addiction to Doctor Paul…
It was just March this year when I first started blogging. I met the chap known as Lewt at a book signing for Byker Books excellent Radgepacket volume 5. My story Back Street Redemption appeared in it. When Lewt realised my story was about football he explained that Craig Douglas and himself were looking for someone to write about Football for the blog he was involved in. The blog was at the time called The Whirled According to Doug & Lewt. I gave it a little thought, never having done any blogging before and thought that it would be fun. However, football being the emotive subject that it is I preferred to write under a pseudonym as I didn’t fancy death threats or turds on my doorstep. Paranoid you might think but then have you ever googled yourself? You might get a shock as to how much there is about you out there. Anyway I wanted to be flippant and have fun with it.
I started writing a weekly blog post by a fictional character called Old Seth. Now I’ve never made a secret of it to anyone that has asked me but Seth wasn’t an entirely original idea. A good friend of mine, Mark Kelly, was one of a few people behind the legendary Port Vale fanzine, which was loved by the late, great John Peel, known as The Memoirs of Seth Bottomley. I asked Mark’s permission and he let me ramble on as Old Seth. I’d like to thank him on the record for that. There is a link to a Facebook tribute page for TMOSB at the bottom of this blog post.
With football being such an emotive subject I wanted to have a bit of a mess about and wind fans up. I’m a bit of a casual football fan to be honest and soon started to go off on a tangent with things, intentionally, as soon as I could. I wrote articles about Al Fayed and his ridiculous Michael Jackson statue.  I wrote about songs related to football and I wrote about Tunstall Town FC and it’s aged players.  I even wrote about pies in football. Old Seth retired from football with the end of the last football season and diversified.  I have kept Old Seth as a character with his flat cap, his whippets and roll ups. I’m fond of the cantankerous old git. However, he now writes whatever he pleases including fiction, rants and author interviews. He is particularly enjoying the interviews at the moment.  I’m glad I am part of the blog and the three of us have created something I regard as special. We all get on well too which is a bonus.  We have fiddled with the format and the name. We have settled on Close To The Bone. I run the CTTB’s Twitter account and you can follow us as @close2thebone. The blog is constantly growing and we encourage as much diversity as possible. If anyone of your readers or you Paul would like to do a guest post if it’s suitable we are open to it.  Just contact me on Facebook or via Twitter.  We are lucky to have had some excellent guest writers so far in Nick Boldock, Victoria Watson and Trevor Edge.
As anyone reading this that is on my Facebook will probably know from the constant and probably annoying Good Reads updates on my timeline I am an avid reader. Aren’t most writers? I wanted to learn more about blogging so I decided to start my own blog.  I nickname it my “little book blog”. I basically review anything I read there. Writers go to a lot of time and effort creating their work and as a reader I feel it is only fair to give them at the very least my opinion. I’d also point out that I’m old fashioned and don’t want to write fucking nasty critical things. I am not a paid critic I am a reader. I make no apologies for trying to be nice. I do however try to be honest about what it was I liked about the book or short story.  Sometimes, as Paul may have noticed, I like to be playful and put in themes to my to my reviews such as a few cooking or boxing metaphors. You can find a link to my book blog also at the bottom of this article.
In addition to the blogging I enjoy writing short stories. They are usually urban, gritty and occasionally witty. Mine all set in the fictional Longcroft Estate.  I’ve rambled on enough so I’ll leave you with another link to look at for the first of my blog. Thanks Paul for having me over at your place.
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