The Mammoth Book of Best British Crime Volume 8 ed Maxim Jakubowski

Okay, I have a dog in this fight- I have a story here. But really and truly, there are some classic crime stories here. Favourites come from Colin Bateman, Roz Southey, Christopher Brookmyre, Sheila Quigley,Alllan Guthrie, Denise Mina, Declan Burke, Nick Quantrill, Nigel Bird, Gerard Brennan, Ray Banks, Zoe Sharp, Ian Rankin  and Adrian Magson. And there are loads more gem’s here, too.

Here’s the blurb:

This is the must-have annual anthology for every crime fiction fan. It includes the year’s top new British short stories selected by leading crime critic Maxim Jakubowski. This great annual covers the full range of mystery fiction, from noir and hardboiled crime to ingenious puzzles and amateur sleuthing. It is packed with top names such as: Ian Rankin (including a new Rebus), Alexander McCall Smith, David Hewson, Christopher Brookmyre, Simon Kernick, A.L. Kennedy, Louise Walsh, Kate Atkinson, Colin Bateman, Stuart McBride and Andrew Taylor. The full list of contributors is as follows: Ian Rankin, Mick Herron, Denise Mina, Edward Marston, Marilyn Todd, Kate Atkinson, Stuart MacBride, David Hewson, Alexander McCall Smith, Nigel Bird, Robert Barnard, Lin Anderson, Allan Guthrie, A.L. Kennedy, Simon Kernick, Roz Southey, Andrew Taylor, Sheila Quigley, Phil Lovesey, Declan Burke, Keith McCarthy, Christopher Brookmyre, Gerard Brennan, Matthew J. Elliott, Colin Bateman, Ray Banks, Simon Brett, Adrian Magson, Jay Stringer, Amy Myers, Nick Quantrill, Stephen Booth, Paul Johnston, Zoe Sharp, Paul D. Brazill, Peter Lovesey, Louise Welsh, Liza Cody, Peter Turnbull and Nicholas Royle.

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