Short Sharp Interview: Jeanette Cheezum

PDB: You’ve recently published a handful of ebooks. What can you tell me about them?
I’ve written a three book series, titled “The Seeds of Adversity Series,” available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon for download.
#1 Fish Wife: The struggles a young woman experiences until the fight of her life when the Ash Wednesday Storm of 1962 devastates the east coast.

#2 Twisted Branches: A murder mystery which takes place in the same time period.

#3 Westcott McTavish: A suspense thriller that takes us to Ireland and involves the IRA in the mid nineteen sixties and will be out near the end of this month.
Each of these books can be read as a stand alone story or you can read all three.
I have a short story book titled Big Stories Told Short for the general adult readers.
Also, I’ve written two children’s books. The first one is “A Bark, A Shell and A Squiggly Tail.” 

It’s a compilation of three stories for children from the ages of 2-6.

(View Jeanette’s animated video for “A Bark, A Shell and a Squiggly Tail.”
The second “Sticky Feet and Two Big Teeth,” for children ages 6-8. One is a poem and the other a young flash fiction.
PDB: You write in a variety of genres. What sort of things do you like reading?
I read a little bit of everything. But, murder mysteries are my favorite. I read so much online, like noir by Paul D Brazill , that I have to find time to read books lately.

PDB: One of your stories attracted the attention of a big shot New York agent,Nat Sobel, what can you tell me about that?

Oh, you mean ‘What’s in the Cellar?Thrillers, Killers ‘N’ Chillers published it and when Col Bury created his New Crime Fiction site he asked if he could move it to that site also.
His agent read the story, and when I queried him about my newest novel he said, after reading that story he knew that I could write a saleable novel, but could I add 30,000 more words to it. I tried, but could only come up with 3,000 more. I am a very succinct writer. 

So that was the end of that, but needless to say I was flattered.
PDB: You’re a long time member of the Six Sentences network. How did you first get involved in 6S?
I attended a critique class for three years and my teacher suggested we try to do some six sentence stories. Rob McEvily chose my first submission and the rest is history.
PDB: What is the Cavalcade Of Stars?
I started it the first of the year and have been very pleased with the exceptional talent that has debuted. Each person gets a week on center stage. I have had an equal amount of men and women. Each writer does something different. 

It amazes me how a person may get four comments but has 100-200 views. What’s that about?
PDB: What are you working on at the moment?
My latest novel, “Don’t Look in the Shadows” a romance suspense thriller. This book originates in New York , and then takes us from Virginia Beach to Italy . I plan to send it to an agent this week.

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