Short Sharp Interview: David Cranmer/ Edward A Grainger

David Cranmer AKA Edward A Grainger is creator of the hugely successful Cash Laramie stories. We had a natter.

PDB: How did you first get interested in the western genre?

My father. He loved western shows like GUNSMOKE and listened to the music of Johnny Cash as I was growing up. Thanks, dad!

PDB: How do you think the western has changed over the years?

Folks have tired of westerns that offer nothing but shoot-outs and saloon brawls. Today they want complicated, conflicted characters in real situations. Then toss in some shoot-outs and saloon brawls.

PDB: Cash Laramie’s first collection of adventures has been a major success,did you feel any pressure when writing the sequel?

Not really because I had a story called “Origin of White Deer” waiting to go. I wrote this one with Chuck Tyrell and it’s arguably the best in the series. It features the outlaw marshal leaving his Arapaho home as a teen to find his roots in the lawless town of Cheyenne, Wyoming.

PDB: You’ve also written in the crime genre. How different are your crime stories from the adventures of Cash Laramie?

Very little difference from my point of view. Cash Laramie would fit in easily with today’s crime and mystery scene. That’s why most of Cash’s fans are from those two genres.

PDB: Can you tell us a little about  Beat To A Pulp?

BEAT to a PULP is a weekly webzine I run with Scott D. Parker and my wife, Denise. We run the gamut of genres and publish horror, sci-fi, westerns, crime, mystery, etc. We have an eBook titled HARDBOILED coming out very soon and BEAT to a PULP: ROUND TWO featuring some giants in the business.

PDB: What’s up next?

I’m working with Chad Eagleton on a science fiction series, with Thomas Pluck on a samurai series, and with Wayne D. Dundee, Nik Morton, and Chuck Tyrell on Cash & Miles full-length novels.

Thanks David!You can find out more about David Cranmer at The Education Of A Pulp Writer

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