In Music There Is Always A Shadow by Frank Duffy


A couple of  months ago, the talented Julia Madeleine introduced us to Sadie, the devil’s daughter, in the marvelous story Raised In Hell, the first part of  Trestle PressThe Devil’s Music series. 

Raised In Hell told the story of Sadie’s visit to Memphis in the 1930s in order to collect the soul of the blues genius Robert Johnson. And a wonderful and atmospheric piece of writing it is too.

And now we have another The Devil’s Music story, In Music There Is Always A Shadow by Frank Duffy. 

This story bounces back and forth through time in Sadie’s attempts to snare the soul of Roy Webb, composer of the soundtracks to many great films such as The Magnificent Ambersons, Out Of The Past and Cat People.

This is a wonderful bitter sweet story which moves through different settings with ease and  gives us great insight into the life of a thwarted genius. 

The opening scene takes place in a Birmingham social club in the 1960s and starts off with one of the best opening lines I’ve read recently.

In Music There Is Always A Shadow by Frank Duffy is a cracking story, wonderfully written and is very highly recommended.