The first piece of writing that I ever read by Anonymous-9 was Claw Marks, a clever and nasty look at love and carnage, at the then new ezine A Twist Of Noir.

After that, more and more of her stories kept appearing across the interweb; Thuglit gave us Tequila Spike– a brilliantly hard-boiled payback story; M-N-S(n) Murder-necrophilia-suicide was at Plots With Guns and Beat To A Pulp gave us the award winning revenge story of a boy and his monkey, Hard Bite.

And there were lots more twisted, twisty tales, too and they’re all jam packed into this fantastic collection of blackly comic and brilliantly imaginative dark fiction stories –HARD BITE AND OTHER SHORT STORIES BY ANONYMOUS-9.

Some, like Return of the Night of the Living Dead Monkey from Sunset Boulevard and M-N-S are wild yarns that are laugh out loud funny; others –The Master Bedroomare seriously  chilling but all are exceptionally well crafted works of great imagination.

And what could be nicer than that?