Hard drinking investigative journalist Alfie Lime wakes up in his Paris apartment soaked in the blood of the prostitute whose corpse lays next to him. Whose heart has been ripped from her body.Who heart has been placed on a black cloth, on the sideboard, with a nail hammered through it. 

So Alfie Lime- a ‘man with no strings attached’- gets out as quickly as he can, goes under the RADAR, and investigates the murder.

AND THE STREET SCREAMED BLUE MURDER! is a cracking novella. It is hellof a yarn stuffed with rich and vivid characters, such as a man known as Elvis, Bamboozle- Lime’s fellow hack and booze-hound- and the streets of Paris itself, including the richly described  Rue De La Mort.

But it’s not just the story and the characters that make AND THE STREET SCREAMED BLUE MURDER! a classy piece of surrealistic noir worthy of David Lynch at his ‘peak’. It’s the writing, the images.The atmosphere. The lines and lines of wonderful descriptions.


With AND THE STREET SCREAMED BLUE MURDER! Jason Michel has come up with something special. Groundbreaking, intoxicating, fun.

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