Stories For Sunday: Walker, Graham & Vaughn

Three corkers this week.

Stephen Walker is a writer who first came to my attention thanks to his excellent and addictive Steve Does Comics blog . Well, he’s just published a load of ebooks and judging by Carrying he’s someone well worth checking out if your a fan of paranormal/ urban fantasy. Carrying opens with a young woman in a Davy Crocket hat who takes a lift to the thirteenth floor of a twelve story building, where she meets a dead man covered in cobwebs. An then it gets strange.Carrying is smart, funny and an immensely enjoyable introduction to the weird world of Stephen Walker.

Colin Graham is an old boozing partner of mine from when I lived in Warsaw. He’s better know for his hard hitting journalism – which has been published in places like The Guardian and The Moscow Times-and dark noir stories that you can find at A Twist Of Noir and Thrillers, Killers n Chillers. Well, over at Pulp Metal Magazine he gives us an hilarious story of the day in the life of a superhero who copes with his super stresses in the same way that most of us would. He goes to the pub. LOL, as the young people say, and good to see this side of Colin Graham coming through in his writing.

Shotgun Honey has been constantly putting out brilliant, hard-boiled flash fiction since it started up last year. And they score once again  with Edward Vaughn’s whip-crack of a   story, T-Bone’s Girl,  where we enter the rough and ready world of two pals, Dennis and Marty.I’ll say no more other than I loved this story and will deffo keep a bleary eye out for more from Edward Vaughn.

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