Suckers by Anne Billson.

suckersAnne Billson is a writer and photographer from England who lives in Belgium.For over twenty years she has written brilliantly and entertainingly on film for the British Film Institute, The Guardian, GQ, Sunday Telegraph and oodles of other classy gaffs.She is the author of Spoilers – a fantastic and essential collection of film reviews- and as well as being the best film writer since Pauline Kael -and a lot more fun than Kael, I can tell you- she’s also a gem of a storyteller.

Her first novel, Suckers, was one the most refreshing and downright entertaining British novels of the nineties and was short-listed for Granta’s ‘Best Young British Novelists’ list in 1993.

‘Bleeding London Dry’ was Suckers’ fab -and groovy-tag line and, indeed, the London of Suckers,was the Cool Britannia of the eighties, drowning in bright young things while whole communities were being chewed up and spat out as chic Docklands tower blocks.

The narrator, Dora Vale, is a ‘creative consultant’ – a typically vapid eighties job description –who visits the headquarters of the uber-voguish Bellini magazine to discover that it only does its business at night …

No less than Salma Rushdie described Suckers as a biting – yes, see what I did then? – satire on the eighties ‘greed is good’ culture and he wasn’t far wrong but more than that it’s a cracking read.

Suckers is Molotov cocktail of Ealing Comedy, Hammer Horror and even American Psycho, and it’s the best way to spend your time in the company of yuppies- watch them suffer!

The great news is that Suckers– as well as Billson’s other novels The Ex, Stiff Lips and The Secret World Of The Sex Witches – is now available as an e book.

While you’re over at Amazon, you can also pick up the aforementioned Spoilers and a couple more collections of Anne Billson’s film reviews.

Oh, and the story of the film Alien as told from the perspective of the ship’s cat.

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