Recommended Read: The Drop by Howard Linskey

David Blake isn’t really a gangster, although his boss Bobby Mahoney most certainly is. Blake is the  more legitimate side of Mahoney’s gangland empire.

One of Blake’s business  responsibilities is ‘The Drop’. The delivery of cash to someone very powerful and very influential.

But when Blake’s heads back to Newcastle, after an idyllic  trip to Thailand with his yuppie-lawyer girlfriend, he is confronted by Finney, one of Mahoney’s more psychotic henchmen, who tells him that The Drop didn’t happen. And it’s all Blake’s fault.

And it all goes pear shaped from then on in.

The Drop is the blistering début novel from Howard Linskey. An intense, violent, story of life in the north of England’s underworld, peppered with keenly observed details, sharp dialogue and strong characters. 

The Drop is a  cracking, well paced and gripping crime novel that has me keen to get stuck into Linskey’s recently published  follow up,The Damage.