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It’s hard to say what makes us pick up one book and pass by another. Or why we can remember one author and the name of another escapes us. It may be the cover of the book that grabs our attention, the blurb, or possibly a recommendation from a friend. Those are some of the reasons we choose one book/writer over another, but why do they stay with us? In writing, as in life, it’s the X-factor. Voice, style, and the ability to stand out in an ever-growing crowd.

Paul Brazill exemplifies exactly that – the X-factor. His answers are fresh and funny, and his photo… well, in my opinion, it portrays most people’s assumptions of a writer. I love it! (It doesn’t hurt that it looks a little John Cusack-ish, either!)
Please help me to welcome Paul Brazill, a talented author and editor of DRUNK ON THE MOON and TRUE BRIT GRIT.

Photo courtesy of Kasia Martell


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