The Storm Without by Tony Black

Someone once said, you can’t go home.  And someone else once said that the past is another country.

But, in The Storm Without, Doug Michie, a Scottish  ex-cop who has been living in Ulster, decides to  go back home to Ayr after a time in self imposed exile. And before he can catch a breath Michie is dragged deep into a murder investigation and blasts from the past that are positively seismic.

The Storm Without  is a breathless,  cracking crime story but it is also great examination of growing up.Of leaving the past behind. And jumping back into the past with heavy boots.

Tony Black is clearly the major existentialist crime writer working today and The Storm Without is also his most humanistic book.

Black has said that The Storm Without a is a stand alone novel but I would certainly like to see more of Doug Michie. This really, really is cracking stuff.

Published by PaulDBrazill

A writerand teacher, from England and living in Poland.

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