Recommended Read: Skin Deep by Timothy Hallinan

It all starts in a bar. Los Angeles based Private Eye Simeon Grist is getting nicely souses and trying to pick up the barmaid when in walks the aptly named Toby Vane. 

Vane is the star of a prime time television show who gets his kicks beating up women. When he starts to slap around his beautiful Korean companion, Simeon steps in. 

And ends up being offered a ton of dosh to be Toby Vane’s minder. And then things really go downhill.

Skin Deep really is a fantastic crime novel. It’s fast paced, funny, moving, tense and packed with some brilliant one-liners, wonderfully descriptive language and great characters. 

This is the first Simeon Grist novel that I’ve read and it won’t be the last. Apparently,it was the first one that Hallinan wrote, although it was published third in the series, back in the ’90s.

Timothy Hallinan‘s Skin Deep is an immensely enjoyably novel and I’m really looking forward to reading more Simeon Grist books.

And I’m pleased to say that Timothy Hallinan is a member of The Hardboiled Collective.