Cleansing Eden – The Celebrity Murders by Benjamin Sobieck


ImageCleansing Eden, Benjamin Sobieck‘s  gripping debut novel, kicks off  atmospherically with two unnamed men digging a grave  and burying the corpse of a famous actor.

As the novel purposefully unfolds, we discover that the younger man of the two is hooked on a drug called Bluegrass and that the older man is the only supplier.

And together, they are on a mission to murder as many celebrities as they can.

Throw a suspicious cop and an ambitious television reporter into the mix and you end up with a tense crime thriller that also manages to satirize celebrity culture, the mania of the zealot and a  society that is brain addled by an overdose of mass media.

Cleansing Eden is a twisty, turny read that puts an interesting and darkly comic spin on the serial killer  genre.