Recommended Read: Felony Fists by Jack Tunney

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Felony Fists by Jack Tunney

Jack Tunney’s breathless Felony Fists takes place in Los Angeles in the mid ’50s. Racketeer Mickey Cohen is trying to take over the fight game, pinning his hopes on Solomon King a massive heavyweight boxer.

Police Chief William Parker, however, has other plans. Parker heads an elite team of detectives known as The Hat Squad (if you’ve seen the film Mullholland Falls, you’ll certainly know who they are!) and he is focused on cleaning up the city and making things as difficult for Cohen, and the other gangsters, as possible.
Which is where Patrick ‘Felony’ Flynn comes in. Flynn is a life-long scrapper – starting out in an orpahange with his brother and during his time in the Navy.
Well, now he’s a cop and an amateur boxer and when Chief Parker gives him a chance to join the Hat Squad, Flynn jumps at the chance.
Felony Fists is the first of the Fight Card books written by Jack Tunny, who is the pseudonym of various top pulp writers such as Paul Bishop and Eric Beetner.
And it’s a beaut. Fast moving and hard hitting with a strong sense of place and time, Felony Fists is a great start to a highly addictive series.