Crime Fiction, Here and There, Now and Then


International Postgraduate Conference under the auspices of Dean of the Faculty of Modern Languages and Literatures

Institute of English, University of Gdańsk,  Poland

Crime Fiction – Here and There, Now and Then

9-11 November, 2012

The aim of the conference is to discuss crime fiction across national borders, across time periods, across languages, across genres and across boundaries between the literature and the other arts (film, theatre, graphic novel etc.) We invite papers which deal with one or more of the following points (the list is by no means exhaustive), in any given literature and country, or in international comparison:

Comparative study of crime fiction

Detectives now and then

Genres, systems, conventions

National, regional or local contexts (e.g. Scottish, Scandinavian, American; Edinburgh,Breslau,LA)

Crime fiction and the reader

Dubious villain – why do we like villains?

Crime and gender

Crime and identity

The conference will be held in English. Papers should be no longer than 20 minutes of presentation time.  Selected papers will be published in a post-conference volume.

Conference organizers:

Agnieszka Sienkiewicz-Charlish, M.A.

Urszula Elias, M.A.

with the support of:

Arco van Ieperen, M. A. (The State School of Higher Professional Education, Elbląg)

Joanna Szarek, M. A.

Academic advisor:

Prof. David Malcolm

Writer Paul D. Brazill will be a special guest at the conference!