Recommended Read: High Moor by Graeme Reynolds

Graeme Reynold’s gripping debut novel, High Moor, is the story of people struggling to survive.

The action kicks off – and ends – in 2008, but the bulk of High Moor takes places in a  small town in the north of England, in 1986. The town, the eponymous High Moor, is in decline after Margaret Thatcher’s government has given it a good kicking.

John, Micheal and David are schoolboys trying to survive the assaults of Malcolm,the local bully, and his cronies.

Davey and Michael are also trying to survive living with a violent and drunken father.

And then the stakes are raised even higher when a werewolf attacks.

High Moor is a true page turner. A  gritty,social-realist horror novel and a coming-of-age story that is  full of down to earth and likeable characters.

The pacing is great and the  lives of the people living in High Moor is accurately and dispassionately portrayed.

High Moor is highly recommended and  I look forward to a sequel.

So, go for it!