Recommended Read: Apostle Rising by Richard Godwin.

Richard Godwin‘s debut novel, Apostle Rising,is a dark as the void between the stars. As black as a killer’s soul.

On the surface, Apostle Rising is a police procedural. A serial killer novel. And a damned good one it is, too.

It’s the story of a haunted policeman- and the killer he never caught. Detective Frank Castle is still living in the pitch black shadow of  The Woodlands Killer – the one that got away. But then a copycat killer crawls through the cracks in the pavement and Castle and his partner are dragged down a tunnel to gaze into the  abyss.

But Apostle Rising is more than that. It’s also wonderful, rich prose and a breathtaking plot with more than a few savage twists of noir.

APOSTLE RISING is now available as an ebook which includes a clip from Godwin’s second novel, Mr Glamour.

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