Short, Sharp Interview: Andrew Peters

PDB: Can you pitch your latest/ forthcoming publication in 25 words or less?

“Retired Police Inspector recounts his early cases, in a seaside town in the 60s, to a bored Daily Mail reporter for serialisation in the Sunday edition.” The Barry Island Murders…….coming soon

PDB: Which books, films or television shows have floated your boat recently?

Don’t have a TV, never go to the cinema, rarely have time to read new stuff. I do have a vast collection of classic film & TV DVDs and I get great ideas from combining bits & pieces from them. Currently got the Honor Blackman Avengers on in the background.

PDB: Is it possible for a writer to be an objective reader?

Not sure I qualify as a “writer” yet. I’ve learnt a lot about the craft of writing thrillers (even though I don’t write them) from the various blogs out there, so quite often find myself thinking “You could have done without those 5 pages of back story every time you introduce a new character”.

Sadly I’m also a very experienced teacher of English, so poor use of English puts me right off. If I find myself sniffing at the way the book is written I move on.  The best books are where you aren’t being “written” at, and you get lost in them

PDB: Do you have any interest in writing for films, theatre or television?

Be glad to… soon as anyone shows interest in my doing it. Mind you, I might have to start trying to write dialogue then….

I think my “Blues Detective character would make a great 50 minute TV series….feel free to start a bidding frenzy for the rights.

PDB: How much research goes into each book?

None at all. I despise it. Who cares how many pounds of thrust are produced by the helicopter engine? What does it matter what make of gun the hero gets shot with? Exactly which parts of his body are mangled by the bullet?

I make it all up and, indeed, take a perverse pleasure in getting it wrong. I mean if you’re prepared to swallow a vampire detective, with a werewolf girlfriend being chased across Venus by a gang of Zombies…then why bitch that one of the zombies is wearing Doc Marten’s in a colour they don’t make anymore?

Anyway, these days it’s all cut and pasted from Wikipedia and generally reads that way.

PDB: How useful or important are social media for you as a writer?

I’d probably never have written anything without encouragement from FB friends, and most of my sales are due to it. It’s been a good place to start, but it’s VERY crowded, and almost nobody can keep going just on FB friends… need to reach the masses. Still working on that! May never get there, but I’ve had lots of fun and am very grateful for all the support & encouragement I’ve received.

PDB: What’s on the cards for the rest of 2012/13?

Dunno really, it depends on the voices in my head. If they don’t dictate stuff, I can’t type it..

There’ll be a free “Blues Detective” short story for your Kindle in December. Hope to get the “Barry Island Murders” out soon

People seem to prefer novels, so I’d like to find some system for writing one. Trouble is everything I’ve written is short on description, and dialogue so tends to race along and finish quickly. I’m not keen to go back over.

Bio: Suddenly I’m a writer.

I hadn’t planned it this way. I’d written nothing since school days, nor had any wish to. I was a guitar player and singer. Enjoying some lazy time, out here in Spain.

Then, in the last week of June, I had an idea for a story about murdering my ex-wife (it’s the sort of thing all men fantasise about). It brewed in my head for a day or two, then I sat down and typed it out. It worked. People liked it.

A month later I had 20 stories, 10 of them about Otis King, Welsh Blues Detective in Memphis.

I have no idea where the stories came from, all I did was type them out. Maybe there’s a radio mast near my house, maybe aliens are beaming them into my head.

Who knows.

Try one or two with a glass of something cold, or a cup of something hot.

Hope they make you smile.