Short, Sharp Interview: Heath Lowrance

The blurb: Heath Lowrance’s City of Heretics is a crime novel about an aging con named Crowe, just out of prison and back in Memphis, ready for some payback against the criminals who got him sent up.

Before Crowe can enjoy his revenge, he has to track down a brutal murderer cutting a swath through the city — ultimately leading Crowe to confront a bizarre secret society of serial killers masquerading as a Christian splinter-group.

I interviewed Heath Lowrance.

PDB: Can you pitch City Of Heretics in 25 words or less?

Aging con Crowe slams up against a secret society of killers disguised as a Christian splinter-group. Violence and bloodshed follow, as well as uneasy revelations.

PDB: Which books, films or television shows have floated your boat recently?

TV is actually better than the movies lately. I love Hell on Wheels, Justified, Boardwalk Empire, and, for a little comedy, Community.

PDB: Is it possible for a writer to be an objective reader?

I can’t speak for everyone, but for me—no, not exactly. But knowing something about writing can often make the reading experience richer.

PDB: Do you have any interest in writing for films, theatre or television?

Yeah, but only for the money. PDB: How much research goes into each book?

Usually it’s just fly-by research into the geography of the location, or the pertinent history. With Westerns, of course, there’s a bit more research, but I like to approach Westerns as mythology more than history.

PDB: How useful or important are social media for you as a writer?

Without Facebook (and yes, even the dreaded Twitter) it would be almost impossible for me to get word out about my work. The folks who re-tweet or re-post or whatever have made all the difference.

PDB: What’s on the cards in 2012?

I have another Gideon Miles novella brewing for David Cranmer’s Beat to a Pulp, and one more Hawthorne story to round out the year, as well as a couple of short stories here and there. Beyond that, into next year, I’ll be focusing on a third full-length novel (or two!) and more Hawthorne.

BIO: Heath Lowrance is the author of the cult novel THE BASTARD HAND, as well as a short story collection called DIG TEN GRAVES. His other stories have appeared at Crime Factory, Shotgun Honey, Chi-Zine, Pulp Metal, The Nautilus Engine, and others. He has been a movie theater manager, a tour guide at Sun Studio, a singer in a punk band, and a regular donor of blood for money. He lives in Lansing, Michigan.

(This interview first appeared at Noir Nation)

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