Stories For Sunday: Amore, Formetta, Peters.

The Garbage Collector by Dani Amore

The Garbage Collector is part private eye, part hit man. He is hired by a group of big shot Detroit lawyers to head off to Florida and track down  their former partner, who has absconded with some important confidential documents.  The missing lawyer is also a former Delta Force vet, however, so things  don’t run too  smoothly. Dani Amore  introduces a cool new character and kicks off a hard- boiled and  fast paced  action series.

Strangeways Here We Come by Cristiana Danila Formetta

A young Italian girl embarks upon a sentimental  journey across the U K, planning to visit all the places that are mentioned in Morrisey’s songs. Along the way she encounters tattooed local boy,  Skinny Terry, and has a brief but passionate affair. Cristiana Danila Formetta’s  touching tale of seizing the day is well told and full of yearning.

The Venusian Vamp by Andrew Peters

Otis King is your common or garden Memphis based Welsh blues guitarist turned private eye.vamp

In The Venusian Vamp he is hired by Ursula – a blues club owner who also happens to be a green-skinned, four-armed Venusian blonde.

Andrew Peters has again given us a wild, witty and immensely enjoyable yarn which also serves as a  great introduction to the world of Otis King.

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