Top Tips: Recommended Reads

Car Wash Blues by Michael wash blues

Journalist Mick Murphy takes his girlfriend’s car to a car wash and gets caught up in a bloody shoot-out. And then things really get out of hand as a couple of Mexican drug cartels descend on Murphy’s sedate Key West home intent on killing Murphy and his friends. Car Wash Blues is a breathlessly fast-paced crime story full of well-drawn characters and with  a strong sense of place.

Long Way Down by Tony Black

Gus Dury is back! In this short, sharp novelette the foul mouthed, booze sodden protagonist of four of Tony Black’s novels is hired by a mobster’s henchman to track down a blast from Gus’ past that has just been released from the slammer. Ex- IRA gangsters, lowlifes, dodgy pubs and familiar faces are all thrown into the mix in a hard hitting and very welcome return.

The Blues Detective Saves Christmas by Andrew Peters.

Otis King is a Welsh Blues Musician working as a private eye in Memphis. King is settling himself down for some Christmas inebriation when a femme fatale walks into his office and asks him to perform the unthinkable. The spirit of the Damon Runyon looms over this hilarious and curmudgeonly short story. LOL. PMSL, ROTFL as Mr Peters would no doubt say.