Luke Case Gets Some BiLingual Love Action!

Over at SEA MINOR, Nigel Bird takes a look at my Warsaw set novelette Red Esperanto and says:Rosso Esperanto

Red Esperanto  … practically drips in the alcoholic sweat of the journalist Luke Case, not to mention some of his other bodily fluids. ‘

Meanwhile, over in  Italy, LIBERI DI SCRIVERE have a gander at Red Esperanto‘s Italian translation, Rosso Esperanto.

They say:

‘Luke Case è un bel personaggio, ben caratterizzato, dotato di un’ aura dannata e romantica ma fondamentalmente simpatico che ritroveremo in altri 4 racconti della collana Atlantis.’

Which I’ve been told is also very nice!

There is more from Luke Case in my Madrid set novelette Death On A Hot Afternoon.

And it gets a great review from Kate Laity at  A KNIFE AND A QUILL.

She says:

‘I’m a sucker for Brazill’s singularly laconic style and his hapless heroes — or is it too grand to call them heroes? Main characters? Saps? No, they’re seldom suckers — just not particularly well prepared, thoughtful or lucky.’

Thanks to all of the reviewers!

And more … Red Esperanto is currently number THREE is the Predators & Editors Short Story Poll.

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