Red Esperanto and Death On A Hot Afternoon are both now a pound/ dollar

Red/ Rosso EsperantoRed Esperanto and Death On A Hot Afternoon, written by Paul D. Brazill and published by Atlantis, are part of a series of noir novelettes that are set in various cities around the world. (Also available translated into Italian.)

Red Esperanto: Warsaw.

In snow smothered Warsaw, boozy English hack Luke Case  encounters Jolanta, a beautiful young woman with a gangster husband.

Death On A Hot Afternoon: Madrid.

After the brutal events in Red Esperanto, Luke Case escapes Warsaw and heads off  to the heat of Madrid where he  meets a mysterious torch singer and an agreeing journalist with a violent past.

More Luke Case novelettes are coming soon …

What the reviewers say: death on a hot afternoon

‘Red Esperanto practically drips in the alcoholic sweat of the journalist Luke Case.’

‘Highly recommended for those of us who love to walk in the shadows and drink with the lost and dispossessed.’

‘Brazill will have you alternately wincing and laughing as you follow Case’s shambling wreck.’

‘A terrific short story and highly recommended.’

‘It’s a lovely and controlled bit of storytelling. It’s a fast, tight read – in and out and no messing about. Highly recommended.’

Published by PaulDBrazill

A writer and teacher, from England and living in Poland. 'The Poundland Poe.' Books include The Last Laugh, Guns Of Brixton, and Gumshoe Blues. This/ That/ & The Other.

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