Where The Devil Can’t Go by Anya Lipska – Update.

Where the Devil Can't Go One of my favourite crime novels of 2012 was Where The Devil Can’t Go by Anya Lipska.

It tells the story of Janusz Kiszka, a Polish ex-pat who has been living in London for over twenty years. A man with a past he’d rather forget.

Janusz is a ‘fixer’. A kind of unofficial Private Eye. When he is asked by his priest to track down a missing Polish waitress it seems like a straightforward case of a young girl running away with her boyfriend.  However, as Janusz searches for the girl, he digs deeper and uncovers something much more sinister.

Meanwhile,  D C Natalie Kershaw, new to the job and trying to make her mark, is investigating the suspicious death of a young Polish girl whose body is washed up from the river Thames.

And, of course, the two stories intertwine. This is a cracking début novel from Anya Lipska, which mixes a well paced police procedural with a tense political thriller. The world of the Polish ex pat in London is brilliantly drawn, as are the scenes set in Poland, and both Janusz Kiszka and Natalie Kershaw are vivid, gritty, no-nonsense characters who deserve to feature in more novels. A great calling card for Anya Lipska and surely the start of an addictive new crime series and is now available in paperback.

Anya says:

My detective thriller Where the Devil Can’t Go completed its long journey to publication in paperback form on 7 February.  

The publisher is The Friday Project, an imprint of Harper Collins, who have also ordered a second book in the series featuring Polish fixer and private eye Janusz Kiszka and Met detective DC Natalie Kershaw.  

The book will be available through local bookshops and the usual online emporia … but most exciting for me is that it will also be in larger WH Smiths – at least for February – the store where  bought all my books when I was growing up. Book 2 will also be based within the Polish community in London but the plot line will be more contemporary than in ‘Devil’.  

There is a trailer for the book – this is the embed code should you want to upload it:   https://www.youtube.com/embed/qHStR166UG4?rel=0 

 and also a new website (inc the trailer) at www.anyalipska.com

 My favourite cover line?  Thriller writer Emlyn Rees:  ‘RIP Nordic crime, here come the Poles.’

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