Short, Sharp Interview: Cher Eaves of Crime City Central

crime city central

PDB: What is Crime City Central?

Crime City Central is a weekly international crime fiction podcast with a global audience. We solicit stories from authors and pair them with narrators to present an engaging audio experience. The podcast is free, so we recompense authors by providing excellent narrations, increasing their exposure and expanding their fan base.

PDB: Who are the criminal masterminds behind CCC?

Producer Tony C. Smith of Northern England created CCC in July 2012 as a daughter podcast of his Hugo Award winning StarShipSofa.

Host Jack Calverley of London, England, presents the shows each Monday, including stories as well as occasional reviews, features and activities. Jack and tech guy Josh Leuze mind the web page. Jack sees to it that the first show of each month is family friendly. He also selects the order of play to keep it varied and interesting from week to week.

Editor Cher Eaves, a Kentucky lawyer, shakes the trees of crime fiction and convinces authors to share their stories with the show. She also pairs the stories with narrators so that Irish stories are heard in an Irish voice, Australian tales in an Aussie voice, and so on. She also minds the Facebook page. Cher strives to keep the show global, presenting crime stories from different cultures, eras and personalities. She does the same for our sister show, Tales to Terrify.

Cher has several assistant editors, including Steven Howell (recently retired soldier) and southwesterners Leroy Vaughn and Antoinette Bergin.

Jim Phillips, citizen of the planet, is our Sound Guru (audio engineer). He does those magical sound guy things that make the pieces fit together. His home is somewhere in California.

Josh Leuze does the technical things, like Miles O’Brien or Geordie LaForge on Star Trek DS9.

Darren Harmon, who lives across the river from Tony, makes it possible for CCC to be one of, or possibly the only, podcast with a staff photographer. He adds a visual element to our webpage and Facebook page.

Paul Finch, a frequent correspondent, provides the Theater of the Mind feature, reviewing old time radio dramas.

Alasdair Stuart of Pseudopod has started doing reviews for us as well as narrating. Other narrators include Mike Boris, Pete Fallico, Nick Camm, Veronica Giguere, and dozens more.

PDB: Which authors are involved in CCC?

We have brilliant and well-known authors, including Paul D. Brazill, Harry Shannon, Wayne Allen Sallee, Ray Banks, Lawrence Block, Cheryl Ruggiero, Scott Nicholson, RJ Egan, Allan Baxter, Diane Awerbuck, Sheila Quigley, Keven McQueen, Annette & Marty Meyers, Joe R. Lansdale, Joe McKinney, Tony Black, IJ Parker, David Corbett, Bev Myers, Allan Gurhrie – and less known writers like Leroy Vaughn, Laura Nealis, Will Beall, Copper Smith, Ifeoma Okoye, Howard McEwen and many more. We hope to have stories soon from Val McDermid, Randall Keanan, Randye Lordon, and Rasmi Abu Ali.

We welcome stories from anyone who will share with us. We prefer published stories, any subgenre of crime fiction.

PDB: What books have been published so far?

Our parent show and sister show have published anthologies. We featured a “first chapter” by Oklahoma author Lucie Smoker, and subsequently her book sold extensively in Europe.

PDB: Where can we find out more about CCC? or on Facebook (Crime City Central) and on twitter @crimecitycentra

PDB: Is there anything else we should know about CCC?

We are always looking for more stories and talented narrators. We cross promote with all our shows (StarShipSofa, Tales to Terrify & Protect Pulp) and all over social media. Our goals are to provide top quality audio fiction for our audience, to expand their literary horizons and to increase the readership for all our authors. The show notes include links to the webpages and/or amazon pages. In coming months we plan to add new dimensions to our show (secret stuff – you’ll have to tune in!).

Send submissions to 1500 – 15,000 words, preference for previously published. R rated is acceptable, X rated is not.

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