Short, Sharp Interview: Mark Vanderpool of Port Cities Review


PDB: What is Port Cities Review?

MEV: Port Cities Review is a brand new literary journal — strictly online for right now but also intended for print. Our theme is great port cities around the world — both as actual places, full of energy and culturally diverse, but also as a metaphor for the liminal spaces between reason and emotion or between facts and imagination. The places where great storytelling comes from.

PDB: Who are the criminal masterminds behind Port Cities Review?

MEV: The main culprit behind this enterprise is me: Mark Vanderpool. I’ve been working in online media for a decade and I also travel pretty regularly to some far-flung places. I’ve noticed that domestically, in the United States, the quirky sea port towns and river towns are among my favorites. It seemed like a great way to give a literary journal a sense of place without being narrowly identified with just one region.

PDB: Which authors are involved in Port Cities Review?

MEV: Authors with articles and short fiction already published in Port Cities Review include Rafael Alvarez, Jeff Weddle, Kara Kilgore, Geoffrey Sea, Anthony David Jacques, and Jon Gingerich. Many more to come.

PDB: Which books have been published so far?

MEV: We aren’t aimed at publishing book-length works from individual authors, but rather, compilations of short work from many. Think literary journal instead of small press. We’re planning two print editions annually and fresh content online daily.

PDB: Where can we find out more about Port Cities Review?

Lots of cool stories available now here.

We’re also on Facebook.

PDB: Is there anything else you think we should know about Port Cities Review?

MEV: we’ve got a fundraiser going on Indiegogo and we greatly appreciate everyone stopping by to check it out. Even the smallest contributions add up and give us the ability to pay our contributors. Also, please use the social share buttons under the video to help spread the word. A literary journal is very much a collaborative endeavor.

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