Short, Sharp Interview: C J Edwards of Full Dark City Press

PDB: What is Full Dark City Press?

CJ Edwards- FDC Press is a brand new press focusing on noir. Our vision of noir encompasses more than the traditional crime/detective genre. Although you will see a fair amount of that coming from us, those aren’t all we are after. One of our first authors to sign with us, Mike Miner, has a novel in the works that will be pretty good example of this. His novel isn’t a detective story, although there are elements of detective work to be found, and it isn’t about crime either, even though criminal activity does take place. We also believe noir transcends genre to some extent, and we hope to see some more non-traditional noir start coming our way.

Right now we are only looking for novellas and novels. If we publish any more short story collections it will mostly likely be a themed collection with multiple authors or by someone that we specifically approach.

PDB: Who are the criminal masterminds behind
Full Dark City Press?

CJ Edwards– Well about two years ago I was talking with Alec Cizak, the editor of Pulp Modern, about starting up a press focusing on longer works of fiction. We spent a couple hours brain storming over some German chocolate desserts and I walked out with an outline of what I wanted FDC Press to become. Alec wasn’t able to commit full time to a new project so I hit up Chris Rhatigan, the editor of All Due Respect and the mastermind behind Pulp Ink and Pulp Ink II, and he joined me in this crazy undertaking.

PDB: Which authors are involved in Full Dark City Press?

CJ Edwards- Well for right now the main everyday editors are myself and Chris Rhatigan, but everyone from the very talented Eric Beetner who designed the cover for our first publication, JW Manus who formats our e-books, to the people who help out with small things here and there are all writers.

At this time our signed authors include Mike Miner and David Siddall from the UK who has a punchy novella that I am pretty excited about.

PDB: Which books have been published so far?

CJ Edwards– Our first publication All Due Respect the Anthology went up for sale for Kindle on February 1 and has sold hundreds of copies in its first month. The print version is also for sale. This anthology is a collection of the best from the All Due Respect website as well as some stories published for the first time. The stories in this collection are all amazing and the list of authors is a pretty good selection of who is hot in the crime fiction scene right now.

PDB: Where can we find out more about Full Dark City Press?

There are a couple of places to learn more about us and what is coming up. First is our website which has had some technical difficulties recently. For now it can be found here and my personal blog also has posts that are following the press and its progress.

 Facebook is also a great place to find the most up to date news about what is going on.

PDB: Is there anything else you think we should know about Full Dark City Press?

CJ Edwards– Yeah, I mentioned that our view of noir transcends genre, and I’d like to say a little more about that. I want to be really careful how I say this because I don’t want to get hammered by submissions containing goblins and space marines. We will consider any good noir story even if your protagonist is a depressed robot investigating a murder on a futuristic Earth or some distant planet, or a prostitute in Ancient Rome who may or may not be a ghost out to take revenge on a scheming Senator. As long as it is good noir, we want to see it.

One last thing and this comes back to the old saying of writing what you know. We have been bombarded with submissions about L.A. I think there are a lot of people out there who when they hear the word noir, they think that it means L.A. cops and hardboiled detectives. We have pretty much had our fill of L.A. stories. It is to the point now that if I see the words L.A. in the query email, I wince and try not groan too loudly. There are good noir stories everywhere so write one from where you’re from or invent a place for one to happen. I’m not saying we won’t consider a good story that takes place in L.A. but know that you will be at a disadvantage from the start.

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