Recommended Read: Spying On Strange Men – by Carole Morin.

SOSMWith the help of Elvis the night porter, Vivien Lash is spying on her Creepy Neighbour who may or may not have killed his wife – who may or may not actually be his wife anyway.  Mind you, Vivienne Lash may or may not be her real name but the name she’s using for an art exhibition called Spying On Strange Men. Of course, Vivien herself may or may not be being spied on by a famous film director, who she may or may not be in love with. What’s for sure, however, is that she is intent on killing her cheating husband.

Carole Morin’s smashing  Spying on Strange Men is a death black comedy skewered with wickedly funny lines and slivered with sharp observations about deception, self-deception, voyeurism, paranoia,  sex, murder, art, life, love, loneliness and loss. And merkins.