Short, Sharp Interview: Mike Monson.

mike monsonPDB: Could you tell us about your latest publication?

It is called Criminal Love and Other Stories. Basically it is 23 stories — nearly all the stories I wrote from about June or July of 2012 to January or February of 2013. Seventeen of these were published either online or in anthologies.

PDB: How long did it take you to get the collection together?

Not long. I created a word file and found the perfect photo for the cover. Then, I went on Amazon and followed all the instructions. When it was first published it looked all wrong so I sought help and JW Manus was able to clean it up so it looked okay. So, maybe two days. Is that what you are asking? It took about eight months to write all the stories.

PDB: What makes criminal love different to legal love?

In the title story part of what attracts the couple to each other — both emotionally and sexually — is the excitement of the crime they are involved in with each other. So their love is tied to criminal behavior. For the entire collection I think it refers to the love of reading and writing about criminals. I mean, I really like it.

PDB: Which writers’ work do you enjoy?

Long list. Michael Connelly, Jen Conley, James Lee Burke, Robert Crais, Tom Pitts, George Pelicanos, Joe Clifford, Robert Ellroy, JA Kazimer, Jake Hinkson, Eric Beetner, Les Edgerton, T. Jefferson Parker, Mathew Funk, Cormac McCarthy, Chris Leek, Will Viharo, Robert Parker, Jim Thompson, Brian Panowich, CS DeWilt, Ed Kurtz, Renee Pickup, Sam Hawken, Ryan Sayles, Isaac Kirkman, Jordan Harper, Tyler Dilts, Heath Lowrence, Mike McCrary, Chris Rhatigan, Greg Barth, Joe R. Landsdale, Kevin Helmick, Christopher Cook, Chris F. Holm, Don Winslow, Jason Starr, Nic Pizzolatto, Scott Phillips, Lawrence Block, Donald Westlake, Christa Faust and on and on. I love to read and I love writers for some reason.


criminal lovePDB: Is travel important for a writer?

I don’t know if it is important because I think all it takes to write well is a great imagination and incredible desire. However, certainly, travel has a positive effect on one’s imagination.

PDB: What’s on the cards for the rest of 2013?

My novella A Scent of New Death is being edited by Tom Pitts at Gutter Books and it might come out in 2013, or later. I’m not sure. I’m also writing a new book that might become a full length novel. It is about a 40-year-old Robitussin freak who is living off of a small workers comp settlement while staying with his drug, alcohol and sex-addicted mother in Modesto. He has x-wives and  children all over and he gets caught of in some horrible criminal events related to his most recent former wife.

PDB: Where can people find out more about your writing?

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