Short, Sharp Interview: J R Lindermuth

J R Lindermuth, short sharp interviews

PDB: Who is J R Lindermuth?j r lindermuth

I’m a retired newspaper editor and the author of 12 novels, including five in my Sticks Hetrick mystery series.

PDB: What is your latest publication?

Sooner Than Gold, the second in the Sheriff Sylvester Tilghman historical mystery series.

PDB Are you an eBook or paper book fan, or both?

As long as I can read it, any format is acceptable.

PDB: How difficult or easy is research?

I love research–a holdover from my newspaper days. The problem is curiosity will often lead me off on a tangent and make me forget I should be writing.

PDB: Which writers do you enjoy?sooner than gold

You don’t have room enough for this. I’m constantly finding new writers to read. But, for a couple you might recognize–James Lee Burke and Ruth Rendell. I’ll read anything either might write.

PDB: What’s on the cards for the rest of 2013?

The sixth Sticks book and a non-fiction work are with the publishers. I’m working on a seventh Sticks novel.

PDB: Where can people find out about your writing?

Either here or here.