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Gumshoe has been getting some very nice reviews on both sides of the Atlantic and this week I did a guest blog at Do Some Damage talking about its influences- Quentin Crisp, Albert Finny and more. Just Like The Movies is here.

The very splendid American noir writer Eric Beetner recently did a post about British crime writers he admires including Allen Guthrie, Nick Quantrill and Ian Ayris. And he included me in the list, which is very nice indeed.

Over at Out Of The Gutter Online, I use my Brit Grit Alley column to recommend some Britty gritty summer reads. Pop over and see who’s in there.

And I’ve set up a blog,  a Facebook page and  a Twitter account for Blackwitch Press, which will be my dalliance with self-publishing/ publishing. Find out more here.

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