Short, Sharp Interview: Sheila Quigley

Sheila_Quigley-320x320PDB: Why did you decide to write a trilogy – Thorn In My Side, Nowhere Man, The Final Countdown instead of a standalone or on-going series?


I had started Stand By Me, which was to be number six, but now more likely to be number seven when suddenly this street kid named Smiler walked into my mind, followed by Mike Yorke and Aunt May. Smiler brought his own story with him, and no way did it fit in with the Seahills lot.  I started work on Thorn In My Side, ten minutes after I met Smiler and it just rolled along.

PDB: Will we see more of these characters in the future?

Well, although it’s supposed to be a trilogy -and The Final Countdown book three, is out now -Smiler dam him, just won’t go away, so yes I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a book four.

PDB: A lot of writers blog regularly but you don’t. Why doesn’t it appeal to you?

I have a blog on my website and every day I keep meaning to start it.

So watch this space.

tfcPDB: Your first writing love was horror. Any interest in writing a horror novel?

I have a horror novel in the bottom drawer which I wrote twelve years ago, I sent it to a publisher and he liked it BUT!

Now and then I think about getting it out. One day perhaps.

PDB: What are you working on now?

Lady in Red a thriller set on the Seahills estate. Where the heroes are normal working class, have never owned a house or big flash car and probably never will. Back to most of the characters in Run For Home. Although I turn out one book a year the books are set more seasonally than yearly, so although this is book six in the series six years have not passed, rather like two years. And some Christmas shocks in store for the locals.

PDB: Where can people find out more about your writing?

My website

Facebook and most bookshops.

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