Short, Sharp Interview: Nick Quantrill

thecrookedbeatPDB: What the hell is The Crooked Beat?

On the one hand, it’s my latest Joe Geraghty novel. Geraghty is now a former Private Investigator looking for a new purpose, but when his brother finds himself mixed up with a missing consignment of smuggled cigarettes, it’s time to get back to work. “The Crooked Beat” is also a track on The Clash’s “Sandinista!” album. It pains me to say it, but I wouldn’t go out of your way to track it down…

PDB: The Crooked Beat takes a look at Hull’s underworld history; do you have any interest in writing an ‘historical’ novel?

As it happens, I do. My long-term writing ambition is to produce a Hull-style, Brit Grit multi-generational saga covering the last century. Think “Downton Abbey” with violence and fish. One day…

PDB: The Joe Geraghty novels have a great sense of place. Will you be setting any novels outside Hull?

I’m pondering something for the novel after the one I’m currently working on. I like the idea of a slightly different challenge, but Hull is the city I know best. I think there’s a middle-ground to be found, so I may well have a dabble…

PDB: What unpublished novels are tucked away in the attic? And will you be revisiting them?

I have a police procedural novel tucked away which will never be published. It’s awful, awful stuff. I may well recycle the basic plot idea, but as it stands, I’d rather pretend it never existed.

PDB: Music features in a lot of your writing, are you of a musical bent, as it were?

I wish. I have friends who are, but my skills don’t extend beyond carrying stuff and selling merchandise. Having friends in bands who released their own records and just generally got on with stuff has always been a major influence on me, though.

PDB: What’s on the cards writing wise and non-writing wise?

Writing wise, I’m hard at work on the next novel. It’s a crime novel set in Hull, but this one doesn’t feature Joe Geraghty. We’ll see how it goes. Non-writing wise, probably changing more of my daughter’s nappies…

PDB: Where can people find out more about your writing?

I have a new website. Everything is on there.


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