Writing as Jill Tunney, Carol Malone has recently injected a touch of romance into the two-fisted, pulp-infused, Fight Card series with her debut novel, Fight Card Romance: Ladies Night … Boxing and love? What’s going on here?

How did a nice girl like you end up in the ring with a bunch of tough guys?

I was raised with four older brothers, so I held my own against a bunch of tough guys since I was born. Sports, in my family, was an obsession. I learned to score a baseball game before my ABC’s. The consummate Tom-Boy, I love sports more than Barbie’s. I was drawn to the Fight Card series because of my friend and author, Paul Bishop, who also mentors a writer’s group I belong to, is one of the co-creators of the series. The face-packed, powerful stories knocked me out with their quiet, center-ring style of heroism. Each story packs a real punch with grip-the-bottom-of-your-seat action.

What else should we know about the Fight Card series?

Paul Bishop and Mel Odom, co-creators, have lots of ideas for expansion of the Fight Card dream. Paul is currently working on his sequel to Felony Fists – a novella entitled, Swamp Walloper. Other exciting new writes are working on more stories. By the end of 2013, twenty-seven Fight Card titles will be launched, including three new titles for the MMA spin off, and the debut of my novel to the group, Fight Card Romance; Ladies Night.

What inspires you to write?

Creating captivating, complex, and flawed characters. Like a lot of writers, our characters originate in our heads speaking to us in the shower, in our dreams, and while we’re driving. I finally found a water-proof recorder for the shower so I won’t miss a word of action.

In your opinion, how are the opportunities in e-publishing changing the game for writers and readers?

E-publishing has expanded the world of publishing to include anyone who has something to say and a platform to do so. I believe a lot of promotion and sales result in word of mouth, much like being featured on differing blogs. People who respect the blog and their content will sit up and take notice. It’s a fascinating time to be publishing in the e-crazy world we live in.

What’s next for Carol Malone?

I’m writing a baseball novella in the same tradition of Fight Card and the “Complete Sports” magazine of the 1940’s. My story is about a kid playing for the Sox on the fast track for Rookie of the Year until a slump chases him into a whiskey bottle. I just started a fireman/nurse sweet romance, and I might do another Fight Card romance featuring my tough-minded detective from Ladies Night. Stay tuned.

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