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THE STREET MARTYR COVER webThe Street Martyr by T. Fox Durnham

Over the years, America has given us an abundance of great urban poets, such as Johnny Thunders, Chester Himes, Tom Waits, George V. Higgins, Bruce Springsteen, Nelson Algren, Martin Scorsese and John Cassavetes. Poets that simultaneously eulogise, celebrate and chastise the neon soaked and blood stained streets of America’s cities. Poets that embrace the highways and the alleyways. The bodies and the bullets. The sirens and the screams. The saints and the sinners. The lost and the lonely. The dispossessed. People like The Street Martyr’s Vincent – a battered and bruised small time criminal with a tarnished heart of gold.

With The Street Martyr, T. Fox Durnham has created visceral, vivid, lyrical, and heart wrenching tale of lost souls living life on a razor’s edge. A powerful and gripping tale which will haunt your dreams.

The Blood Whisperer by Zoe Sharp.

I’m a big fan of the ‘man on the run’ thriller – The 39 Steps, Rogue Male, North By Northwest even The Da Vinci Code. Zoe Sharp now gives the sub-genre a couple of well-aimed kicks in the cobblers with this fantastic, breathless and gritty thriller

The Blood Whisperer tells the story of Kelly Jacks, a former CSI and ex-con who is now working as a crime-scene cleaner. When she investigates an apparent suicide, Kelly is quickly forced to go on the run from the police, local gangsters and Russian killers. Non-stop action, great characters and twists-and-turns abound.Loved it.

Fire Mission by Craig Douglas

Authentic, well-written and full of great characters, Fire Mission by Craig Douglas is a hard-hitting, unflinching and uncensored soldier’s diary full of humour, anger and heart-in-mouth moments of tension. A gripping, gritty read.

Diary Of An Expectant Father by Pete Sortwell

Pete Sortwell’s Diary Of An Expectant Father is the story of Graham – a hapless and hopeless man at odds with his own life – as he attempts to come to terms with the reality of his girlfriend’s pregnancy. Down-to earth, touching, realistic, insightful and very, very funny.

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