Recommended Read: Subtraction by Andrew Peters

Mark Paris AKA The Professor is a man with a past- and a damned gaudy past at that. He’s the widow of a famous singer, an ex-pianist, ex- army, ex-boxer and ex-mathematician with a murky closet full of family secrets.


Paris operates as a ‘fixer’ in 1960s Las Vegas and when he receives a panicked phone call one morning from Stan Maxwell , a boozing acquaintance who has woken up with a dead blonde in his bed, Paris is soon embroiled in a hard-boiled murder mystery that involves blackmail, a high class bordello, cops, the mob and very nasty psycho killer. Peters cleverly and deftly adds social commentary, pop culture references, smart dialogue and witty asides to an already potent cocktail.
Andrew Peters’ Subtraction is one of the most enjoyable and original crime novels I’ve read all year. Fantastic stuff and I look forward to more from The Professor. Smashing cover, too.

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