Out now! Insatiable: A Roman Dalton Yarn by B R Stateham


Insatiable: A Roman Dalton Yarn is a noir/ horror short story based on characters created by Paul D. Brazill. 

In B R Stateham’s Insatiable, PI Roman Dalton gets a request from an old friend to help him solve a murder. A murder so horrible, so brutal, it had to be caused by a werewolf! Dalton is approaching his ‘change’ and at the same time trying to solve a vicious crime. How does he stop himself from leaping onto his friend, when the time comes, and making his old buddy an evening snack? How does he find and remove from the city a werewolf who happens to be much older, and far stronger, than he is–and not create a panic among all the potential meal tickets walking around?

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