Short, Sharp Interview: Alex Shaw Can you pitch your latest book in 25 words or less?

AS: KYIV RULES: Ignoring pressure to retire, veteran SBU Director Dudka must prove to the President and the bandits that he’s the man for the job.

PDB: Which music, books, films or television shows have floated your boat recently?

AS: I hardly ever listen to music, or what passes for it currently. Book wise, after reading all of Stephen Leather’s ‘Spider Shepherd’ novels – I’m a big fan, I’ve started to work my way through Lee Child’s back catalogue, having arrived late to that party. I thought that Jake Needham’s ‘A World of Trouble’ was outstanding. I haven’t seen any recent films but the first series of ‘Banshee’ was superb as was ‘Spartacus’. I also enjoy ‘Ice Road Truckers’ and ‘Celebrity Juice’.

PDB: Is it possible for a writer to be an objective reader?

AS: No. I still love to read, but now I am more aware of the smoke and mirrors. If I am reading outside of my genre then I critique plot and character, in my genre I notice factual errors.

PDB: Do you have any interest in writing for films, theatre or television?

AS: I initially started writing stage plays before moving to fiction. My first degree focussed on acting & writing for the stage, screen, radio and TV. So if asked I’d happily adapt any of my books for Hollywood!

PDB: How much research goes into each book?

AS: I’m constantly reading about the places my works are set in and visiting them, so a lot of my research is carried out subconsciously. The problem I do encounter with research is when the sources I need aren’t public, for example the inner workings of the Ukrainian Intelligence Service (formerly known as the KGB). In these instances I have to rely on friends in the know.

alex shawPDB: How useful or important are social media for you as a writer?

AS: We authors live in a bubble and before social media, FB specifically, I felt very isolated. I’ve been on Twitter for three years and FB for just over one and now could not envisage my writing life without either of them. The interaction with readers and fellow authors (some of whom I’ve been a fan of for years) is what keeps me inspired and makes me feel part of a community. Does any of this help with sales? I don’t know.

PDB: What’s on the cards for 2014?

AS: The third Aidan Snow thriller ‘DANGEROUS DEADLY ELITE’, will be released early in the year and I have three other planned projects (another novel and two novellas). I may also write a few more short stories.

BIO: Alex Shaw spent the second half of the 1990s in Kyiv, Ukraine, teaching Drama and running his own business consultancy before being head-hunted for a division of Siemens. The next few years saw him doing business for the company across the former USSR, the Middle East, and Africa. He is the author of the Kindle Bestselling ‘Aidan Snow SAS thrillers’ HETMAN and COLD BLACK and the new DELTA FORCE VAMPIRE series of books. His short stories have been published in the thriller anthologies DEATH TOLL, DEATH TOLL 2 and ACTION PULSE POUNDING TALES 2 alongside International Bestselling authors Stephen Leather and Matt Hilton. DANGEROUS, DEADLY, ELITE – The third Aidan Snow Thriller will be available in early 2014. Alex, his wife and their two sons divide their time between homes in Kyiv, Ukraine and Worthing, England. You can follow Alex on twitter: @alexshawhetman or facebook: or contact him via his website:

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